What Next?!?

Since finishing my cross Canada ride in 2014 I have been thinking of what to do next. How can I reach more people? Do I keep biking? Do I bike around the world? Do I try and find more speaking engagements? I have been able to continue an annual bike event in Hamilton and this past summer brought Ride Away Stigma to Squamish, the town I am now living in. It has been exciting being able to see the ride continue to grow, however, I felt there was something still missing. Upon hearing my story, the feedback I have received has been exceptionally positive. People have stated that my talk has inspired them and has given them hope. This has encouraged me to continue to reach out with the various avenues I have created via the ride. I am determined to reach the more vulnerable individuals needing support.

Last year after one of my presentations, someone strongly suggested that I should write a book. My immediate reaction was, “ya right there is no way I could do that”. I have a learning disability and have struggled with writing my whole life. I began to examine these negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. I remembered that people really enjoyed following my blog during my ride. That, combined with the positive feedback after presentations, I realized that I must be striking a cord with people. I knew, this, was going to be my next project. It may be a challenging journey but it seems like the perfect next step to reach those in need. Im really excited to start this process with my writing coach and look forward to you following along as I go….and who knows maybe down the line I will get to do a book tour on my bicycle hehe 🙂