Ride Away Stigma 2016 – Hamilton

Thank you everyone who made Ride Away Stigma 2016 such a special day! This year we raised $12 000 that puts us over $85 000 since the campaign started. That’s pretty amazing! This has helped our communities in so many different ways. I wanted to highlight a few special moments from this year’s event. I’m so thankful to Claire and Cindy who both offered to help continue the conversation by being courageous individuals sharing their journeys with everyone at the park. I am beyond inspired by the students of Sir Allan McNab that raised over $600 and by doing this showed their fellow peers that they are not alone in their struggles. As well James who shared his story with me and explained how he helps the youth in down town Hamilton. They are lucky to have his support. I am inspired and grateful to be a part of this amazing community! I look forward to all the experiences that Ride Away Stigma 2017 will bring!