Ride Away Stigma will be hosting two events this year. The annual event in Hamilton, ON will be on September 24, 2017 in the Dundas Driving Park.

My name is Danielle Berman and I have founded Ride Away Stigma to honour my late father, who tragically died by suicide in 1999. It is my mission to encourage open discussion on mental health and illness and help remove the associated stigma. I wish to be able to assist others to feel comfortable seeking help and finding their voice when all seems lost.

In the summer of 2014, I cycled from Vancouver, BC to Hamilton, ON to create discussions and awareness on mental health with the hope of decreasing stigma. Throughout the ride I was amazed by the outpouring of support from individuals, first responders and community leaders. This support went beyond helping me as an individual; rather, it demonstrated how people want to join as a community of support to work towards making a positive change.

I want to foster and build upon the energy that was created through the campaign, by hosting an annual ride in Hamilton, ON for World Suicide Prevention day. With YOUR support, we will raise funds for the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton, focusing of education, training, community awareness, stigma reduction and advocacy. This work is critical to fostering help seeking, reducing stigma and building hope in our communities.

I am excited to continue an annual Ride Away Stigma event in Squamish, BC. We will be raising funds for Sea to Sky Community Services to support mental health programs in Squamish.

Let us work together to continue to show our community how much we support them. Together we can Ride Away Stigma!


Day 33: Winnipeg to Hadashville 115km

As I started today, I could not get over how strong the headwind was.  I was pushing and pushing and yet not going very fast at all.  I hoped and presumed that the headwinds would end because I had noticed on…

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Day 32: Winnipeg

I woke up rather nervous and anxious as I thought about my interview with Global Morning News.  Last time I felt calm and relaxed.  I did not understand what was creating the difference.  Perhaps it is because mental health is…

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Day 31: Official Welcome into Winnipeg

This morning was my official welcome into Winnipeg.  I cycled to the perimeter of the city as I was going to be joined by the Fire and Paramedic Departments.  The Fire Department had generously planned a small event and reached…

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Day 30: Rest Day Thoughts

One would think that after a 218km ride I would be eager for a rest day but when I woke up all I wanted to do was ride. I find it a great way to process my thoughts and I…

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Day 29: Brandon to Winnipeg 218km

Before starting this blog post I would like to thank the Royal Oak Hotel for hosting us in Brandon. As well the Brandon & Area Suicide Prevention Implementation Network for hosting a Ride Away Stigma event for the mental health…

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Day 28: Virden to Brandon 78km

We decided to plan the day around the event I was having with some of the local mental health agencies in Brandon at 3pm.  It was another short ride today but I was looking forward to having the opportunity to…

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Day 27: Moosomin to Virden 64km

I was not aware of the excitement I was going to have on my bike today.  It was a short ride so I thought I would start late to again catch up on emails.  The first 500m heading West to…

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Day 26: Wolseley to Moosomin 122km

At 60km I was sitting in the car with my mom for a snack break when I thought, what am I going to write about today?  It had been a very quiet morning.  I worked on my balance cycling with…

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Day 25: Regina to Wolseley 96km

As I cycled away from the hotel this morning it felt peaceful. The warm welcoming I had in Regina has motivated me to look forward to all the new towns and cities I will be passing through. I know I…

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