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Letter from the Prime Minister of Canada

As I sat at the table this morning I was finding myself discouraged by seeking employment opportunities online. It has been two weeks since I arrived in Vancouver and I have definitely taken advantage of the great outdoors with hiking and cycling. Seeking employment is a lengthy process and one that takes patience. I try to remind myself of this and that it has ONLY been two weeks. I decided to take a break from applying and was going to go run errands. I opened the door to a weird noise and something getting in the way of the door opening. I looked down to see a package with my name on it. I opened it up to see a green folder that said on the outside ” House of Commons Chambre Des Communes Canada”. I thought no way it can’t be!! As I opened the folder I yelped out in excitement. The Prime Minister of Canada had wrote me a personal letter thanking me for my efforts with Ride Away Stigma. This was the perfect boost to keep me motivated as I figure out the next chapter of my life and continuing to find ways to create awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. The reason why I wanted to share this all with you is to remind you that we each as individuals have the power to inspire others and create positive changes. No one is too small! No idea is too big!