day 7

Day 7: Salmon Arm to Revelstoke 103km

Mark was able to join me for the entire ride today and I am always excited to have company on the bike. It was great also to have more time to get to know him.  I definitely found out he is a fast cyclist.  Most of the time I could keep up or I should say he would slow down for me. It was the fastest I have ever done a 100km ride.

I shared with Mark how in the mornings I tend to struggle on the bike.  Even today at one point I asked to stop to check my back tire.  What I think keeps happening to me is that the mountains and the distance are intimating me.  I also know how many people are watching and I do not want to let anyone down.  I tend to feel sluggish and not as fluid in the mornings.  At around 40km things usually switch over.  I shared with him how I have tried to meditate a bit on the bike and also practice giving myself positive affirmations to try to relax.  I think, as I continue with this journey, I will become more confident and things will flow better.

To celebrate our ride into Revelstoke, Mark’s family joined my family for lunch.  The restaurant in town, Village Idiot, was really supportive of my ride and covered my meal.  We checked in to the Hillcrest Hotel a Coast Resort that was also donated to support the ride.  I am very thankful for people’s support to help not only minimize the cost but to show others that people do care about making a difference for our communities.

It’s time to go exploring… I have only a short day tomorrow to the hot springs though it is all uphill….then Roger’s Pass…eeks! Slow and Steady!

Bye for now