day 53

Day 53: South Baymouth to Owen Sound (kind of) 53km

We had a great night at the South Bay Guest House.  Brenda had generously donated a cabin to us and it was perfect as it was right by the ferry.  In the morning I was really looking forward to taking the ferry.  I thought about all the great memories I had as a kid taking the ferry from Vancouver to Gabriola Island to visit my grandparents.  While we were waiting for the ferry I had an interview with a radio station in Brantford.  It is fun how on the road I am able to keep connected with places close to home and help spread the message from wherever I am…even in the car while waiting for the ferry.


What I forgot about in my excitement is that I often get seasick.  This was a smaller ferry and the waters were very choppy.  Right away I had to go sit on the deck outside as I thought I may be sick.  It was raining however I was able to find shelter.  I ended up chatting with a girl throughout the entire ride.  We had great conversations and I shared with her how it was helping me stay distracted and avoid feeling sick.  She was absolutely lovely and shared how she lives in Guelph and I am more than welcome to stay at her place on Saturday night instead of a hotel.  I am constantly amazed and delighted by the generosity of people whom I have met just by sharing our stories.


After the ferry I was still feeling a bit sick from the ride but the weather was not looking very good and I still had 109km to go.  So I quickly got ready in the rain and set out on my bike.  At 2pm I pulled over to have another interview with the Hamilton radio show CHML.  This time I was hiding in the trees to try to get shelter from the wind and all the vehicles passing by.  I really enjoyed this interview because you could tell from the questions he asked that he really wanted to help the listeners understand a variety of different aspects of mental health.  Of course I still get a bit nervous before going on air but I can’t believe I am able to so confidently answer the questions.  In high school I used to be so shy and hated how young I sounded on the phone that I would not even place take out orders.  As well when I first started in social work and had to call clients on the phone to book initial appointments I was always worried that they would think they got some kid rather than a social worker.  I still often even this morning get asked how old I am on the phone and get told how young I sound.  But I no longer let it get in the way.


Before I went live on air I was able to hear what he was saying on the show.  Unfortunately he shared a very sad sorry about a girl who passed away today in Waterloo after being struck by lightning.  As I cycled away after the interview I thought about the weather and the recent bike accidents and realized I need to be very careful. After only 50km the rain became pretty intense which I am fine with and have cycled through entire days before but then all of sudden I was surrounded by lightning and looked back at my mom who was right behind me.  I jumped off my bike and put it as quickly as I could on the bike rack and jumped into the car.  I thought maybe we would be able to wait out the storm but the weather reports were not looking good.  We marked exactly where I left off so I can return tomorrow.  I felt completely crushed I had so been looking forward to finishing my ride early tomorrow and possibly doing extra today.  Some of my family has flown into town today from Florida and they are coming to see me in Guelph tomorrow.  I have been beyond excited that I finally get to see them.  Now I am going to be very very delayed.


As we drove into Owen Sound we could hardly see, the rain was so severe, so at least I did not ruin the view of what I will be seeing tomorrow when I cycle the route.  Not only was the rain pouring down there was also tons of fork lightning.  I thought I do really want to see my family tomorrow but I need to be safe and this is way too dangerous and not worth the risk. My mom could tell I was feeling really low and tried to cheer me up reassuring me how we have been pretty lucky with the weather so far in that this is the first day we have had to call it quits.  I also had talked about how I wanted to do another big ride before the journey was over so I guess tomorrow will be that day.