day 50

Day 50: Spanish to Little Current 100km

As soon as I woke up I looked outside to see the direction of the wind.  After another day battling in headwind I had my fingers crossed that it had switched.  It was initially hard to tell but it looked in our favour.  Wow did it ever feel amazing cycling with tailwind.  It wasn’t a very strong tailwind but compared to the last while it felt like I hardly had to cycle.  It was so easy and was so nice to not be constantly hit in the face by wind. The sun was also shinning so I was smiling from ear to ear.


I thought it was a bit strange how happy I was because I knew in 45-50km I was going to have to say bye to Will.  He is continuing on to Halifax going East on Highway 1 and I am turning down South towards Hamilton at Highway 6.  But I was just enjoying our ride together as the weather conditions were perfect.  Half way through the ride my mom was pulled over so I snuck over to her to ask her to go ahead to Tim Horton’s incase it is down the 6 and not on Hwy 1.  I thought it would be a nice surprise and a great way to say goodbye.


About 45km in Will pointed out how we were about to get to our intersection where we were parting.  Because we weren’t battling headwind the ride went very quickly.  Luckily the Tim Horton’s was right on the side of the road so we were able to sit down for a bit.  We spilt the six donuts and talked about the rest of the journey we both have coming up and reminisced on the past 1300km we cycled together.  Hehe like how I so casually mentioned that only two of us spilt six donuts it is like it is normal.  Well reality is going to hit in under a week and my eating habits will have to change a lot.


Initially when I cycled away from Will I was on such a high from heading South.  I’m on Hwy 6!! That is just so crazy…hwy 6 goes all the way to my house! I phoned a couple friends to share my excitement of seeing them so soon and they laughed at how hyper I was on the phone.  After about 20km I took a break on a huge rock on the side of the road.  It was a beautiful spot to take in the beautiful scenery and hide from the sun for a bit.  It then hit me how I was going to be cycling the last bit on my own.  When Will and I had parted ways at different points through the trip I had always known there was a chance I would bump into him again, however, this time we are headed in totally different directions. Both my mom and I shared how strange it felt, as the three of us had become a team.  But I am so pumped to see everyone back home and I can’t believe how soon it is.


Once I headed back onto the road I was enjoying the new landscape as it looked a lot different from the past while in that it had more rugged rocks, little lakes and just a different feel to it.  I was also really enjoying the fact that there was hardly any truck traffic and I had a huge lane to myself without massive cracks in it.  Yes it all does sound glorious but it did not last the whole time because why would Mother Nature be that generous hehe.  Though that might sound bitter I do think it is important to have challenging weather or else I wouldn’t appreciate the good conditions and it would not feel as much of an accomplishment.  In the last 10km the landscape opened up and the wind came in strong.  I was battling I think some of the strongest wind yet as I was hardly able to keep at 15km/h which for me is very slow.


I pulled over and decided to turn on some loud wind music to keep me motivated.  I chose my favourite Nine Inch Nails cd.  I was so focused on the beat of the song that it felt like I was in a cartoon game and the wind did not bother me as much.  While battling through the wind in the last few kilometers I received a call from a teacher of a school where I will be presenting on Thursday.  We discussed the different ideas I had for the presentations for the various classes. I was so excited sharing my ideas and thinking of Thursday. After we hung up my music came back on automatically.  It made me laugh out loud as I was listening to, not the most polite Nine Inch Nails song, and I just seemed like a completely different person to the one on the phone two moments ago.


I really can’t wait for Thursday to talk with the students and teachers.  I absolutely loved presenting in schools this past year and being able to be creative and adapt to the different age groups.  It should be fun!


This morning I shared with Will how I was cycling today in honour of women who recently lost her battle with depression.  A friend of hers had emailed me and shared a bit of her story.  As soon as I hear this I always then want to go out riding right away in their honour.  It’s my little way of showing we are in this together.  When people are grieving the loss of someone to suicide they often feel so alone due to the stigma so it is my way to show that I have been right there with them.