day 5

Day 5: First Rest Day! :)

My first rest day!!! Woo!!

This gives me an opportunity to thank my sponsors.

Seeking sponsors was a challenging task for me.  I am not in sales nor do I have any business experience.  Throughout the campaign I learned:  how to create a sponsorship package; how to pitch my campaign; and how to present ways that the company could benefit from becoming a sponsor.  Many people stepped up to the plate to offer me suggestions and gave me an opportunity to ask as many questions I would like.  This definitely helped and I continued to learn and grow with each meeting.

I met a few associates of Lundbeck Canada, at the Clara Hughes event in Hamilton.  Bell Canada had invited me to participate in this event.  I was really excited by how much interest they were showing in my ride even though we were at Clara’s event. They were very encouraging and supportive. The one representative suggested that we meet for coffee to discuss more of my story and a possible speaking engagement.  A partnership developed and Lundbeck became my title sponsor.  Lundbeck Canada offered me speaking engagements, including a conference in Toronto where I was the closing speaker. They attended my launch event both in Hamilton and Vancouver and throughout have provided tremendous support.  I feel very fortunate that they believed in me, and my idea for what Ride Away Stigma could become.

It is special to me to have the platinum sponsor as the Sleep Disorders Clinic.  The clinic was initially founded by my father and mother and the clinic believed it would be a great way to honour him by becoming a sponsor.  I am very thankful for their support and encouragement.

Holiday Films one of my gold sponsors was the first company to invite me to do a sales pitch for my campaign.  I was excited and nervous for the opportunity.  Derek listened intently to my entire pitch and then after worked with me to make it more complete and professional.  I was grateful that he was willing to make this a meaningful learning experience.  I look forward to having the employees of Holiday Films with me at the closing ceremonies as we cycle into the Dundas Driving Park.

LP Designs has been an incredible support. Lisa patiently worked with me to create a website with exactly everything I envisioned and continues to be a support with updates.  In addition she created the logo that I love so much.  She patiently worked with all of my suggestions and amendments.

A Pleasure Sportswear and Visions to Realty have by far been the biggest supports.  Without my mom and step dad I would not be able to have done this ride.  They have been with me every step of the way in supporting my idea to being on the road following behind.  I can’t even express in words how grateful and fortunate I am to have them there being a part of my team.

Indev-Media one of my silver sponsors has created beautiful postcards, posters and business cards to help promote the campaign.  I explained my idea and Paul was able to create exactly what I had imagined.

Canada Drive Away my other silver sponsor generously donated their service to ensure we would have the support vehicle ready for us in Vancouver.  Prior to meeting David at Canada Drive Away every idea to have a support vehicle ready in Vancouver was met with overwhelming challenges and costs.

As I continue my ride, I reflect upon those who have supported me in many different capacities and am very grateful.

Please check out the website for the additional bronze level sponsors!