day 49

Day 49 Thessalon to Spanish 103km

After a big breakfast of wild blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon I was ready to start the day. The wind is trying really hard to become friends with me but I am never going to be friends with the headwind. I try to be nice to everyone but I will not budge on this. Hehe. I have been listening to Harry Potter audiobooks for the last while at the end of my rides as Will had suggested it as great motivation from other touring cyclists. Well I guess I am not far enough in to understand how magic works. I told Will I wish I had Harry Potter’s wand and could make the wind go away. The wind was about 20km/h today in our face! Will made me aware that that is not how magic works and we can’t change an entire weather system. We debated if Harry Potter would be able to create a bubble around him so that the wind would not be as strong. Either way I wish I had some kind of powers, as at times it was hard to keep cycling at 20km/h and felt like we weren’t going to make it.


To help with the wind I also daydreamed a lot about the closing ceremonies. I remember before starting this ride I would be constantly day dreaming on my training rides of what I would say at the closing ceremonies. Back then it was as if I knew exactly what I wanted to say but now I am at a loss for words. So much has happened this summer. I have met such incredible people who are so supportive of helping to get the message out there and wanting to make a difference. How can I sum all this up in a little speech? Also I have been thinking of all the changes I have gone through from the creation of Ride Away Stigma. I remember being on a training ride cycling on one of the roads I used to drive on, extremely fast, in hopes of getting into a car accident and ending my life. While cycling on this road I had a huge smile on my face thinking of how much I have overcome and being able to help others but now I have even grown that much more. How will I feel cycling into the town where I lost my father to suicide and the town where I had a plan to end my own life? I know I am proud of what I have overcome and so grateful to have this opportunity to help others but I still don’t know exactly what the emotions will be. I know I will be crying a lot of happy tears on this day. I think I will do what I did for my event in Vancouver and just wait until I get up with the microphone to decide what I want to say.


We were told by our hosts last night, that there was a Tim Horton’s in Blind River half way through our ride today. We think this is going to be the last Tim’s we will pass so we are going to celebrate and participate in one last ritual. Both of us were so excited when we saw Tim’s to have a break from the wind and eats lots of donuts. We had been discussing which flavours we should buy for the box of six. It is a holiday Monday and Tim’s is one of the only places open so our selection was limited. But that didn’t stop us from quickly chowing down on the six donuts. I think I am going to have to send some Tim Horton’s to Will when he is back in England as he may be going through withdrawal. Hehe.


I was looking forward to the next half of the ride because I was going to hit my 4000km mark. As we were getting closer to the 4000km mark we realized that we were cycling together when I hit 3000km. I think we have ridden about 1200km together now. Will asked me how I thought of the past 1000km in comparison to before I hit 3000km. I shared how this past 1000km has been a lot more psychologically challenging in having to deal with so much headwind as you just become exhausted from it. But at the same time it is been so much fun since I have had a cycling buddy the whole time! It was not until a bit after my 4000km that Will even mentioned that he had just hit 44 000km on his ride. He is very humble about how much riding he has done and I tend to be the one to bring it up to people when we are talking about our rides. I was so pumped by hearing his distance we stopped to take a celebration photo for my 4000km and his 44 000km!!


Dark clouds were rolling in in our last few kilometers of the ride. It definitely looked like a storm was going to arrive any minute. I asked Will if he was ready to go all out to get to the hotel. I pretended we were in the race we had watched in Spain and was even yelling out loud to cheer us on. It felt like I was in a video game. We flying going 30km/h in the strong headwind at the end of 100km ride day. I just kept yelling and cheering us on. It was so fun. It worked out well because literally two minutes after we arrived at the motel it started pouring. At first I was so hyper about hitting 4000km I started spinning in the rain and then decided I should probably warm up with a tea.


Tonight is our last night with Will before we have to part ways. It is going to feel really weird saying goodbye to him. It just feels like it is suppose to be the three of us!