day 48

Day 48 Sault Ste. Marie to Thessalon 77km

I knew CTV was going to be calling me this morning so I made sure I turned up my ringer volume and woke up early to make sure I did not miss it.  But my morning did not start off well because I may have turned up the volume but I forgot to turn on the ringer so I missed two calls from them.  I tried to call back, however, was not able to get in touch with anyone as it was the weekend and I did not know any extension.  I really wish they left a voicemail for me so I would know how to reach them.  It is a shame because I really want to get my message out there to as many people as I can.  I was pretty mad at myself but tried to just relax as it was a complete mistake and there was nothing I could do about it.


The wind was in our favor for the most part of the day today so that sure cheered me up once I was on the bike.  I really do find the bike so therapeutic.  I can be feeling low and then within the first 5km my spirits are lifted.  It took more than 5km, the other day when I had significant processing to do regarding my Dad but I think that just being on the bike assisted the processing of my sadness.


We took a side route where transport trucks are not allowed so it was very relaxing and the ride was pretty flat too.  I have been worrying about how my dad’s bike will work for Sunday Sept 7th as I have not ridden it much this summer.  I decided that today would be a great day to take it for a test ride especially since the ride is a week today!! Woo hoo!!  I keep getting really worried for Sunday.  A big part of it is that I keep picturing that the bike is going to have big mechanical problems and I won’t be able to ride it.  As well I get worried that people won’t show and I really want to show our community how many people care about mental health awareness.  I try to reassure myself as I did the same thing before starting the ride thinking that this or that could go wrong.  We can’t predict how things are going to go but we can just prepare ourselves and leave the rest of to fate.  I have sent out lots of invites, gained lots of support, know I am physically able for the ride and have checked that the bike is riding well.  O the joys of our mind playing tricks on us.


Since it was a short easy ride today we decided to take our time.  We stopped at a pretty rest spot in the trees to cook up noodles and hot chocolate.  I love the convenience of camp stoves.  A warm hot chocolate while sitting under the trees sounds pretty perfect to me.  It is really funny how these rides all seem so short to me but I am stuck to my schedule.  A 100km ride just seems like a normal standard ride and not long at all.  It is not until past 150 that it seems like a long ride.  I am not saying this in a way to brag rather I just think it is amazing how our body can adjust and adapt through training.  It really amazes me.  I am also really proud of myself for what I have accomplished.  In society we are taught not to praises ourselves and not be so proud but you know what, I am so proud of myself for everything I have accomplished this year.  I think we need to know it is okay to be proud of ourselves.  Actually more than okay we need to be proud and happy of our accomplishments.


As we got closer to town of course Will’s and my conversation turned to food.  I swear we do talk about more than just food.  In fact we were having a really interesting debate regarding mental health and people’s different perceptions before that. But then it switched to guessing what we were going to have for breakfast at the B&B we were staying at.


We cycled into Thessalon, which is a very cute quiet town.  We pulled up to North Shore Bed and Breakfast where Gerrad and Gigi were hosting us for the evening.  They are an absolutely lovely couple and were so welcoming, supportive and accommodating.  We had a lovely dinner with them and then had pie and ice cream for dessert.  Yes this made my day.  O how I love eating desserts on this ride.  After dessert Gigi suggested that we played scramble.  Most people who having been following along with my blog would think I am a pretty confident person and may even think I am brave.  Well I sure did not feel that way in this moment.  I started panicking thinking that I would not know how to spell the words properly and would make a fool of myself. I have had a learning disability since I was a child and spelling and grammar have always been a challenge.  I received tutoring throughout my elementary school, so it did not hold me back from being able to excel in school.  However, when it comes to academics I have always lacked confidence because I think of myself as labeled as a person with a learning disability and there are times I do understand things in a different way.  It is something I have tried working on. For example I use to not speak at all in class out of fear people would think that my response was wrong or stupid.  But this past summer in my masters, I made an effort as much as possible to speak my mind in class and share my opinion.  I have improved a lot but this is an area I still need to work on.  For scramble tonight I would sometimes pull out my phone to quickly check if I was spelling the word right.  I really can’t believe how panicked I got.  I did pretty well in the game actually though and calmed myself down enough to still enjoy it.


Before heading to bed Gigi shared how tomorrow we were going to have wild blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon tomorrow.  O boy that sounds good.  I want to rush to bed so I can wake up for an amazing breakfast!