day 47

Day 47: Rest day in Sault Ste. Marie

It is funny how many of my rest days have been days where I would not want to be cycling due to the weather.  This morning it poured with rain and was very dreary.  I took advantage of the opportunity to catch up on work and relax.  Of course I took advantage of the pool and hot tub too.


This afternoon we headed to Tim Horton’s for their free Internet.  I swear that is the only reason we went and not to snack on lots of donuts. Hehe. While at Tim Horton’s a woman approached to ask about my campaign. Linda and her partner Martin were very supportive of the cause and we talked about how so many people are affected and the stigma needs to be changed. Martin called the local CTV branch to see if they could do an interview with me before I leave tomorrow.  He also reached out to other TV and radio contacts he knew along my route.  They were both so supportive of the cause and wanting to help get the message out there.  Their support, along with all of the others whom I have met a long the way, has been wonderful.


We then went back to the hotel as it really does have better Internet and is significantly more comfy.  We watched a cycling competition that is occurring in Span, on TV.  You would think that if you cycle all day long that on a rest day you would not want to think of it but I was really enjoying it.  I was fascinated by how much thought goes into their positioning in the peloton and that strategic moment when they to try to break away. It is also funny that I was doing this, as my friends back home know, I am not at my best sitting still and watching TV – I think we just sat there for hours and I was more than happy to not move.  I guess my body wanted a rest.  I am eager to get back on the road tomorrow though.