day 46

Day 46: Batchawana Bay to Sault Ste. Marie 68km

Well today did not start out very well.  I have had on and off back pain for most of my life, however, lately it has been good for the most part.  This morning I woke up in a lot of pain and felt nauseous from it.  I thought this ride was not going to go well and I may have to pull over.  I did hope that through cycling I would loosen up and the pain would improve.

It was calling for rain today so we decided to not waste time and got onto the road early. Sure enough, as we started so did the rain.  At first I thought it was refreshing and was finding that my back was loosening up so I did not mind the weather.  This view changed.  We had to cope with strong headwind, rain, lots of traffic and poor road conditions.  Fortunately, we did a long ride yesterday so today’s ride was only 68km into Sault Ste. Marie.

Since it was raining I was not stopping when I saw my mom in the car to grab snack and for some reason did not carry any on me in my jersey today.  Sure enough I started to feel like I was bonking on the biggest hill of the ride at about 50km in.  Once I got to the top I messaged my mom to say I need food and could not keep riding much longer.  As soon as she arrived I filled up with lots of food and was able to get my energy back to finish off the ride.

I was really looking forward to warming up once we got to the hotel.  Kevin, the general manager, from the Delta Sault Ste Marie, donated rooms.  While we were chatting he mentioned that they also had a pool and hot tub.  I could not think of a better way to warm up from a ride in wind and rain.  While I was getting ready for the pool I heard a knock on my door and a tray of cheese and chocolate covered strawberries was delivered.  Wow I felt like a queen.  But more importantly I am grateful how they believe in what I am trying to accomplish and wanted to show support.  I’m excited to have two nights here! Thank you Delta Sault Ste. Marie!