day 44

Day 44: White River to Wawa 100km

I am really enjoying these late starts though tomorrow I won’t be able to have one, as the distance will be significantly more.  But I am enjoying it today!

Today was a very social day.  We saw so many touring cyclists and travellers.  It is really fun meeting people as it breaks up the day and is always exciting to hear all about their adventures. The first person we met was a women travelling on her own from Newfoundland heading out West.  We chatted for awhile sharing tips regarding what she may encounter.  It is strange how this is the second person I have met who said they have had mainly headwind through Ontario.  It confuses me as that is what I have experienced too but we are going opposite directions.  I hope and think that it might mean that up ahead the wind will be on my side.

Further down the road we saw a guy with a huge backpack and hiking poles.  You could tell he was not just out for your regular hike.  Boyd has been on the road since 2013 walking from the West coast of Canada heading East.  He walks as far as he can in the winter until the weather gets too bad and he needs to take a break.  He was walking through Canmore last year when the floods were happening so he chose to help with the flood relief and luckily did not end up camping in an area that got fully washed out in the flashflood. He shared with me that he started this journey as a way to help with his mental health and is doing it for similar reasons to mine.  It sparked an instant understanding and bond with each other.  I was pleased to meet him and hear of all his adventures and everything he has conqured.  He is really inspiring.

I thought that two fellow travellers was a lot but it did not stop there.  All of a sudden there were four cyclists whipping by us.  One of the cyclist stopped to chat with us.  Tobi is from Germany and is cycling across Canada on his own, however, he had met the three other guys the day before.  At a pull off uphead we got to chat with the others.  The three guys are cycling across Canada to Montreal raising money for women who have been subject to domestic violence.  Due to a language barrier I was not able to chat a lot with them but I could tell they were really nice and also very very fast.

We told Tobi that we would be at Tim Horton’s once we got to Wawa as we were pumped to go eat more donuts and of course asked while in White River if there would be one in the next town.  After checking out the big goose to get a video for my friend who was born in Wawa, we then headed over to Tims. This may gross you out but we ordered a 20 box of timbits and half a dozen donuts for the two of us.  Tobi arrived so we did share a few. As we were all sitting around the table talking I noticed a guy walking down the road who looked like a travelling hiker.  We agreed that we had to invite him over to share in our donut party.  Will ran out the door with the timbit box to woo him in. I laughed to Tobi and my mom saying how it would be really funny if he was from Wawa and just out for a day hike.  Scott joined our travelling table.  He is from South Carolina and on an adventure travelling around Canada by walking and hitch hiking.  I am always interested by people who hitch hike as I have only done it once a long time ago in Thailand though I think I would be scared to do it on my own in Canada.  Who knows I will probably end up doing it one day though…sorry mom.

As we cycled away to head back to the hotel we chatted about how fun it was meeting everyone.  I wonder if we will bump into more people on the road tomorrow.