day 43

Day 43: Marathon to White River 91km

Today’s ride is what I think of as a casual Sunday ride.  It was very relaxing and felt easy – just out for a ride with a friend.  I like when I have rides that feel like this and I am not feeling pressure to get to a location or stress from different weather elements.  We had a slight tailwind today.


After cycling past numerous beautiful lakes we decided why not jump into one.  We jumped off our bikes and into Crocker Lake, just outside White River.  The lake was a lot warmer than Lake Superior – very inviting.  However, a few cars honked at us and I could not figure out why.  Is it that strange to see two people swimming?  I thought there must be something wrong with this lake! Maybe you can’t swim in it.  But instead of getting out I laughed at all the possible and ridiculous reasons you may not be able to swim in it.


It felt amazing to get back on the bike soaking wet.  Now that probably sounds funny but this time I chose to get wet intentionally rather than the day when it was due to the rain. That, day was not as fun.  The sun shone down and dried my clothes pretty quickly.


Once we arrived in White River we went for a bike ride around the town with my mom.  This caused me to start thinking about the closing ceremonies that are coming up very soon.  I am excited that my mom will be joining on her bike and all my other friends, family and people I have yet to meet! Is it really only 12 days away! Holy moly! What a whirlwind of an adventure.  I am so fortunate for this opportunity. And I know I have said this a lot but thank you so much for all your support! I really can’t say it enough.