day 39

Day 39: Rest Day in Thunder Bay

So I believe rest days are for switching up sports and EATING. I started the morning off with breakfast on the beautiful patio where we were staying. It was so relaxing being able to look out onto Lake Superior. Not long after breakfast, we made a huge lunch before heading into town to run errands.

My bike has not been shifting properly and a bike shop in town has offered to check it out. Fraz from Pietrirs Cycling made the necessary adjustments. We then headed over to the Acura dealership as the people we are staying with own the dealership and wanted us to meet their sons. It felt funny going to a car dealership while on a bike journey but it was great getting to meet Barb and Jack’s sons Jeff and Ryan. We were also introduced to a lot of their employees and surprised with Persians. The Persians are Jacks favourite pastry and I totally understand why.

We then headed back to the house to go kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. Lake Superior is a massive lake so it is by no means warm. It was definitely a challenge to get in but I warmed up paddling around first. It was amazing to be out on the water. I had really looked forward to checking out the different lakes in Ontario on this ride. We were laughing nonstop while on the water, just enjoying.   Since I am not that big of a person I was given the little kid kayak. I was able to fit on it well, but it was a bit wobbly and the front kept on pointing down into the water.

I could have stayed out there all day but we were going to meet Scott, from Collateral Damage. Will has never been to a rib fest before so Scott and I took him there to see what it is all about. We devoured two racks of ribs in no time. It was great being able to chat further with Scott on ideas of how we need to create conversations surrounding suicide and mental health. I really enjoyed hearing his input and it has ignited the fire inside to continue working on my goal of creating awareness and helping others.