day 37

Day 37: 3000km cycled so far across Canada

It was wonderful to be at this resort and away from cell range. It made me focus on relaxing and recovering from an intense four days of cycling. I enjoyed walking around the property with a tea in the morning taking in the breathtaking views. Also being able to cook up a huge breakfast with no crunch for time. It was just so glorious to take the day so slowly as it came.

We decided to go for a swim even though it has not been that hot and the lakes are rather cold up here.  But I thought of it as an ice bath and figured it was great for my muscles. It was also nice to be able to chat with Will about plans and fears for the future after this journey. As he is soon going to be adjusting back to work life as well it was great to be able to have someone to bounce ideas off.

In the late afternoon we decided we would knock forty kilometres from tomorrow’s ride as I have an event scheduled for three with the fire department. I also want to have a fun casual ride to celebrate hiting 3000km cycled across Canada thus far. I was currently 22km away. It is also very peaceful to cycle at night as the traffic dies down. I’m not going to lie though after enjoying the beautiful weather all day relaxing it was a bit challenging to get back on the bike and into the headwind.

I counted down as we got closer and kept thinking back to the beginning stages of training when I thought what the heck have I gotten myself into. How am I actually going to do this? Why have I told so many people? But as I got closer and closer I couldn’t believe it was a reality and oh did I ever scream and shout when I hit that 3000km mark. It also surprised me that I had not really remembered hitting 1000 or 2000. But at this point all I could think about was celebrating and I hopped off my bike and did a cartwheel! What a journey this whole experience has been. From being a very very casual cyclist to accomplishing 3000km in 37 days! I am really proud of myself and more so hope that it shows people that if you put your mind to something you can do it.