day 33

Day 33: Winnipeg to Hadashville 115km

As I started today, I could not get over how strong the headwind was.  I was pushing and pushing and yet not going very fast at all.  I hoped and presumed that the headwinds would end because I had noticed on the map that within 10 – 15 km that my direction of travel was altering slightly.  Well that did not happen.  I had the headwind all day long.  There was also a lot of traffic coming out of Winnipeg.  I felt fortunate that I had a large shoulder which felt like my personal lane.

My friend Ian, from back home, had informed me on Twitter of another cyclist doing a cross Canada ride, in the opposite direction, and thought that today would be the day that we would pass each other.  I was excited by the idea of chatting with another cyclist on a long journey.  This gave me something to look forward to as I pedalled into the wind.  About half way through today’s ride, I noticed a big white van with some kind of logo on the opposite side of the road.  I cycled up to the van and asked if they were cycling across Canada and at that point, was able to see their logo and knew it was them.  Shortly after cycling over Ned, the cyclist, approached on his bike. Ned is the head chef at the Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver and has started a foundation called Chefs for Oceans.  It was really interesting to hear all about the campaign and how the journey was going.  I also got to meet his mom and brother who are currently his support team.

As I cycled away I was on such a high from meeting another cyclist that it gave me energy to keep pushing through this ever present headwind.  I cycled through the Longitudinal Centre of Canada, however, I thought there would be a more interesting sign.  The sign just looked like your average highway sign.  But it was still exciting.  Speaking of signs on the side of the road – shortly after passing the longitudinal sign,  a new sign informed me that I was loosing the paved shoulder.  The heavy traffic and the idea of loosing my lane was not a comforting feeling.  For the most part I was still able to go on the right side of the white line but had to keep very straight as there was only maybe a foot to cycle on. I hope I don’t have this the whole time in Northern Ontario.  I guess time will tell.

Thank you Riverside Motel for hosting us this evening!