day 32

Day 32: Winnipeg

I woke up rather nervous and anxious as I thought about my interview with Global Morning News.  Last time I felt calm and relaxed.  I did not understand what was creating the difference.  Perhaps it is because mental health is currently getting a lot of coverage and unfortunately, not all of it has been compassionate or positive.  I think that I felt the pressure to provide the “correct and perfect” interview.


My sense of well being was not helped as apple maps took me to the wrong location.  I always arrive at an appointment very early and then wait at a nearby location.  So I was sitting in a Tim Horton’s very close by to where I thought I was going, trying to calm my nerves.  When I started to head over to what I had thought was the station, I started to panic as I realized it could possibly be the right location.  I became very flustered and called Global, apologizing that there was no way I would make it on time.  They completely understood as the exact same thing had happened to another guest that week who had also used apple maps.  I rushed over to the right location.  While waiting for the interview I could not stop shaking.  For the most part, I thankfully, calmed right down when they called me into the room.


The room was set up differently than the previous studio.  There was not a cameraman in sight but lots of cameras there to record.  I asked the interviewer how we would know when we were on air and she pointed to the timer on the screen showing 20 seconds.  I am thankful I asked, as it would have been pretty embarrassing to do or say something as we were about to go live. After the interview I walked out slightly disappointment in my interview as I had stumbled on one of the answers.  I called my mom to ask her what she thought.  She reassured me that it was still a great interview and I got the message across. I felt better after hearing her say this as I know she always tells me the truth but I was exhausted from the whole experience.  I guess it is something that just takes practice as I used to feel this way before presentations.


In the afternoon I got to meet another mental health advocate who I had connected with, via Twitter.  It was really exciting meeting him as he had reached out to me near the beginning of my campaign.  I am so grateful for his support.  As we were sitting chatting, I said to him that I realized I was talking so much and so fast.  I shared that I have noticed I have started doing this when I have an opportunity to chat with someone when I am not on my bike.  I have so many ideas and thoughts that come up while riding and they just sit there percolating for their opportunity to unleash.  Some are related to mental health while others are completely off topic. He shared how he did not mind at all and I was grateful for that.


After our visit I went to meet my mom and Hedie, a women we met through Klinic.  It was really great having the opportunity to chat with her and hear about her work experiences. I have just been so amazed by how welcoming everyone has been in all the cities I have past through.  I am made to feel like I am at home.  This is really encouraging and helpful when feeling alone on the bike.  So thank you everyone who has reached out to me whether through email or in person.  I am forever grateful!