day 30

Day 30: Rest Day Thoughts

One would think that after a 218km ride I would be eager for a rest day but when I woke up all I wanted to do was ride. I find it a great way to process my thoughts and I just have SO much energy. I am not sure where all this energy comes from. I do believe a lot of it comes from all the great support Ride Away Stigma has.


We decided to go to the lake today to relax. While starring at the water I thought of a couple things. Again I was still thinking about Robin Williams. His passing is devastating and suicide occurs on a daily basis throughout the world. This is not a single incident. My hope, as of course, we cannot bring him back, that we can turn what happened into a motivation to work towards making a difference for those who are suffering. I do believe with his character and charm and the love and esteem that everyone held for him can be a gateway to opening those conversations. Mental health does not discriminate based on talent, how well liked you are, your status, level of income, race, etc. We can all be affected and it is not a choice that one choses.


As the ride has come to the half way point I realized that the other day I was having my versions of a mid life crisis related to the half way mark. I panicked thinking, what am I going to do when this ends? How can I use my Masters of Social Work and advocacy skills to continue creating awareness and helping others? Part of me wishes there was a way to be sponsored to continue with Ride Away Stigma and cycle around the world or at least continue holding events like these. Another part wonders if there will be a way to combine my passion of advocacy and clinical work in a creative way. I am still trying to figure out what my future holds and I guess I am seeking out my path.  I know no matter which direction, I will be taking, that I will continue to work on diminishing the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. I’m sure just around the corner there will be opportunities that I am not aware of and in the mean time I will continue to give Ride Away Stigma my all. It is a campaign that I have built from scratch and it will always be a part of me!