day 3

Day 3: Hope to Merritt 118km (climbed 1783m)

O day 3 Hope to Merritt! I had received plenty of warning that today was going to be challenging but wow those are some serious mountain passes. I think I psyched myself out for this ride. First thing in the morning nothing was flowing smoothly. I felt as if someone was pulling at the back of my bike…it was just so heavy. I approached the first huge hill and just kept telling myself slow and steady wins the race. What I also thought of on the first big hill was about a woman who came to my launch event on Tuesday and shared with me the loss of her sister. This motivated me to cycle for her and her late sister. We are all in this together.

Once I got to the top I felt like a million bucks and everything started to fall into place. I was going so much faster and felt really strong. No longer was I dreading the mountain passes I was excited for the challenge, as I knew I didn’t have a choice.

Today was probably the hardest cycling day of my life and although tomorrow is equally as challenging, I now believe that I can succeed.  So time to eat and then get some rest.