day 26

Day 26: Wolseley to Moosomin 122km

At 60km I was sitting in the car with my mom for a snack break when I thought, what am I going to write about today?  It had been a very quiet morning.  I worked on my balance cycling with no hands, did a bit of bike yoga and observed the things left on the side of the road.  Not a lot to fill a blog with.  I will still give you some of my observations at the end.  So while I was sitting thinking this, I heard a small crash.  My bike was blown over.  For a moment I was upset that my bike fell to the ground, as I am pretty protective of it, but then I realized what it meant.  Strong winds were picking up and it was going in the right direction.  Finally I was going to have a TAILWIND!!!!


I felt like a storm chaser.  I gathered my things to get back on the bike as quickly as possible.  As I cycled along, the wind continued to pick up and it hardly felt like I was pedaling.  When I got up to 40km on the flat road with ease, I did a little celebration dance on my bike.  I was just filled with excitement.


The excitement and ease of cycling did change when around 80-90km I stopped again briefly to grab something from the car.  As I stood there talking to my mom, I heard loud thunder and looked back in the direction we had come to see very dark, looming clouds.  This time as I jumped back onto the bike, I did not feel like a storm chaser but rather, a runner, from the storm.  I didn’t want to have to wait out the storm in the car.  Cycling in the rain is fine but I do not want to cycle when there is lighting too.  My mom stayed behind me for the remainder of the ride incase the storm did catch up with us.


I still had a tiny bit of a tailwind but for the most part I was now pushing hard to keep in the mid to high thirties.  Far in the distance I could occasionally see lightening but it was not in our direction.  At one point I could hear and see big raindrops.  It was a really weird experience as it felt like they were just behind me.  A couple times a raindrop or two hit me but it seemed like they never caught up.  In the prairies I have experienced strange rain patterns where it will only rain in one small area or when it is raining and you look up the clouds do not even look dark.


The clouds opened up creating a sunny area when I was 8km out from the hotel.  I thought of how tired I had become and debated biking more of my endurance pace again.  Though I looked around and thought that it could still be risky.  I became motivated when I thought of a message from my friend Tim yesterday.  He was talking about his ride to Radium and how a couple times when he thought of quitting, he thought about my ride and determination to do it day after day.  I thought about Tim and what he said it inspired me to push harder to ensure I arrived at the hotel before the storm and thought of how much fun I had that day cycling out of Calgary with the guys.


Luckily enough we reached the hotel about half an hour before the thunder and lightening came.  I was sitting in the indoor hot tub relaxing watching it from behind the protection of the bricks and glass.  Phew… I did it!


I will finish this blog with a couple of observations from the road.  Three are a little unpleasant and one is just confusing and interesting so I will leave that one to the end.  While cycling I have noticed a lot of bottles that look like they have urine inside of them.  I understand we can’t help when we need to go but I don’t think that means you need to then leave it on the side of the road in a bottle. Second, the past couple day I have seen a fair number of used baby diapers.  Seriously you can’t keep that in the car in a bag until you get to a garbage can.  With both of these I do not understand peoples’ logic of thinking the side of the highway is a garbage can.  Third, I of course see a lot of road kill.  I try not to look at it but sure enough I always take at least a quick glance.  Why, I do not know.  But in the last couple days I have seen a lot of frogs.  Ok sorry to put you through this but I made it as quick as possible and at least you don’t have to see it so close up as I do hehe.  So the last observation is shoes on the road.  Now when I see them there is always only one shoe.  I thought is someone sitting in their car and saying I really don’t like these shoes anymore.  I guess I should throw the right shoe out the window.  I just don’t get how it happens and how there is always only one.  If anyone has some ideas you are more than welcome to share them with me.  As you can tell I am very preoccupied while riding with matters of deep consequence.