Day 25: Regina to Wolseley 96km

As I cycled away from the hotel this morning it felt peaceful. The warm welcoming I had in Regina has motivated me to look forward to all the new towns and cities I will be passing through. I know I will continue to meet such wonderful people who will encourage me on this ride.


The peaceful ride slightly turned into one of frustration, however, slightly entertaining. O the wind in the prairies. I knew it would be windy here but I was hopeful to have some tailwind. Not today! I was out battling head wind. It felt a little daunting to think I may have that for almost 100km. At least when you have headwind on a training ride you know it is for only half the ride. I thought for a second how nice it would be to turn around and have the wind at my back. But don’t worry I am way to determined to do this ride to give up because of wind. I decided to make light of it by posting a photo of myself taking a break in the grass asking people to pull some strings with the weather gods. This helped keep my mood light.


The wind did end up easing up and I continued cycling on. I usually daydream and think a lot while on the bike. Today I felt very quiet. Though at one point I did start daydreaming about what the closing ceremony will be like. It is still hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’m actually on the ride. Seriously how have I already biked almost 2000km in 25 days. Before I know it I will be cycling in to the closing ceremony.


When I pulled off the side of the road in Wolseley to ask my mom where the hotel was she told me that there were people ahead that wanted to meet me. I cycled over to where I could see a few people standing in the distance. As I approached they clapped and cheered. It was very sweet and a big smile grew upon my face. This family is currently driving out west from Toronto on a vacation. They saw my car and decided to wait to talk with me. We chatted for a while.  The dad was a paramedic so we talked about mental health and first responders. I was also able to share how supportive first responders have been on the trip and how open they have been with dialogue on mental health. He offered a comment that I fully agree with in regards to the helping professions – Mental health needs to be addressed starting in school. When you go to police academy or whatever program it should be addressed how the job can affect one’s own mental health and to understand that it is okay to seek help. With all the momentum mental health is gaining right now, I really do hope that more money is put into the field to help with wait lists, lack of programs and a better understanding of the causes and appropriate treatments.