day 20

Day 20: Maple Creek to Swift Current 131km

I decided not to do a blog for day 19 as it was a rest day and we did not get up to much.  We drove over to Cypress Interprovincial Park, however, it was cold and rainy.  There was one highlight of the day though, seeing a moose and her baby.

When I woke up I was pretty eager to leave this town.  Our motel looked closed from the outside and it was not a very nice place inside to say the least. Since we were going to be staying in another small town I thought I would try to bike further to keep ourselves busy for the day.

It was a quiet morning and was not thinking a lot on the bike.  My step-dad biked with me for the first 30km.  For the most part I was biking in silence until I spotted a twoonie.  You would have thought I spotted a hundred dollar bill.  I was so excited.  Someone asked me on the first day of the ride if I thought I was going to find anything on the side of the road of value. Well today, I did. I found $3.06.  At the first truck stop we came to, I ran over with the money I had found and bought ice cream.

As we continued to push forward I found this ride lasting forever.  I had a cross wind and it was sometimes reaching above 30C. I thought I would adjust to the vast open space of the prairies but I find I am not.  I didn’t realize how the open space makes me feel so uncomfortable.  I am a person who loves being surrounded by trees and am really missing the mountains. As well, the tiny towns with nothing to explore as a tourist have not kept me motivated.  But I think it is important to be in an uncomfortable zone and show yourself you can push through it.

We approached Gull Lake where we were supposed to stop and the hotel was half boarded up on the outside.  This gave us the motivation to continue pushing forward to Swift Current, as it is a city.  I was also excited to spend the majority of the day on the bike instead of having a short ride even though I felt slow today.  My eyes lit up when we got to Swift Current, I saw a DQ.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to have another ice cream or not but was excited as it meant they had stores. I knew and would be able to stock up on some things I needed.

When I arrived at the hotel, Home Inn, I felt I hit the jackpot.  They kindly gave us 50% off to support the campaign.  The hotel has a pool with a big water slide and big rooms.  It sure felt luxurious after yesterday. I also noticed that between the hotel we are staying in and the restaurant where we had lunch, they were both very dedicated to giving to charities.  At the hotel they give extra soaps and shampoos that do not get used to children in need and have options to buy items with 50% going to charity.  At the restaurant they had a beer with some of the proceeds going to charity as well.  It felt great to be in a town that seemed very focused on giving back.

In the early evening, I all of a sudden felt very sick and exhausted.  I came back to the hotel room to lie down.  My guess is that it was from the sun that day especially since I woke up from a dream of me snowboarding and finding my body temperature to very warm. I will continue to drink lots of water and just take the ride bit by bit.