day 2

Day 2: Mission to Hope 84km

Starting day two I knew it would be a little challenging with out the crowd of support and other cyclists. Initially I was so focused on the majestic scenery and smells of the mountains that I did not notice my gears were not shifting properly. I quickly noticed once I hit the first hill. When I pulled over to have a look at my bike I had a good idea of what was wrong but was too worried to fix it myself. I decided to tough it out for the day and wait for a bike shop. I was feeling a little defeated and the negative honks did not help. But I kept reminding myself why I was doing this and that it is all a part of the journey. When I was just outside of Hope a guy came up on his bicycle to chat and he told me that the closet bike shop was in Chilliwack. Thankfully I have a support car and after the ride was able to drive there with the bike. Sure enough it was fixed in five minutes and it was exactly what I thought. Ill take this as a reminder to remain calm when something goes wrong and to have confidence in myself.