day 17

Day 17: Brooks to Medicine Hat 108km (1334km since July 15)

I wanted to beat the heat today so we started out at 5:40am.  I really enjoyed starting this early, as it was still a little brisk and peaceful out. Throughout the morning I was very much in the zone and not paying much attention to my thoughts or anything really other than moving east.  This did not last all morning because at one point I started singing and rapping to myself.  People who know me, know that I do not have much talent in the singing department.  I thought I might cause a disturbance among the critters so decided to turn on music at the front of my bike.  I hardly ever listen to music while I ride but today I enjoyed listening to Matt Mays as it encouraged me to pedal east as I thought of old Halifax days, where I lived for my undergrad.

So I thought I should let you in on some of the hazards of the prairies.  1. Bugs: they get you on your helmet, glasses, body and sometimes mouth.  I just missed one going in my mouth today and had a huge bug smash into my shoulder that caused me to let go of my handle bar for a moment as it startled me. 2. Lack of shelter: this affects you in a couple ways.  There is not a lot of opportunity to get a break from the sun or the heat. In addition it is hard to find shelter when in need of a bathroom break. 3. Birds: this may not relate to the prairies but it relates to today.  I had a few different birds throughout the morning flying so low as if they were flying along with me on my bike.  The first time this happened I was so mesmerized by the bird that I became distracted and almost cycled off the road. 4. Grasshoppers: this is not a hazard rather an observation.  I have never seen so many grasshoppers in my life.  They just cover the ground on the side of the road. As you can tell not a lot happened on my bike today but that was welcomed, as it was a smooth ride into Medicine Hat.

This afternoon I went out for lunch downtown.  I found a cute restaurant with a patio.  I finished my first meal and thought to myself that it felt more like a snack than a meal,  though it was a large portion.  When the server came over thinking I was done and handed me the check I asked to see the menu again.  At first she was confused and thought I meant the dessert menu.  I explained that I am currently cycling across a large portion of Canada and would like to order another meal.  She was very excited to hear about my trip and proud of my big appetite. I easily finished the second meal and debated dessert.  I am a pretty small person so I have to say that is the first time I have ever polished off two meals.  I decided to skip dessert though. When I returned to the hotel and walked into the lobby cookies were there to greet me.  The server suggested a food market tonight for dinner so I am looking forward to that.

It is funny because people have told me that I have inspired them to start working out and eating healthily.  I understand the working out part as I do a lot of cycling at the moment.  But I am not going to deny the fact that I am not necessarily the healthiest eater on this trip.  Since mentioning in one of my blogs that I haven’t had mamy baked goodies it set off a fuse and I have been having a lot of them! I don’t eat a lot or hardly any fast food.  I do eat large quantities though as it is important to fuel my body.  It is going to be hard to not eat this much when I am done the ride.  I love eating!! So that is my strange blog for the day.  I hope you enjoyed. On my next rest day I am going to work on the details of the September 7th closing ceremony and bike ride to the Dundas Driving Park.  I hope lots of people will be able to make it.