day 14

Day 14: Rest Day in Calgary

Day 14… REALLY. I cannot believe I have already been on the bike for that long.  I think this trip is going to go by too fast.

This morning I was reminiscing about arriving in Calgary.  It was wonderful to be able to talk in depth with the fire fighters about the types of calls they get and to hear how passionate they are about protecting and supporting the community.  Even while on the boat the two fire fighters made sure to be available to the public if needed.  From all the fire fighters I have met I can tell they are a group of people who are really passionate about their work.  It was great to witness.

I then eagerly got ready to go watch the Stampeder’s football practice. Following the practice I was able to chat with a couple of the players including Nik Lewis and Alvin Bowen.  They both were so friendly and had me almost in tears from laughter. It felt really great to have Alvin share his amazement of the muscle endurance in my legs.  I pointed out his muscles and said how I am pretty sure he could do it as well since his were so much bigger than mine.  What stood out most during our conversation though, was hearing him share his passion for helping to inspire kids to follow their dreams.  His face lit up while talking about creating opportunities for the youth to go to games and be able to connect with him.  Just looking at his expression I could see how happy he was to be able to help the youth and give back.

Later that day I met with a group of associates from Lundbeck for coffee.  Initially I thought it was only going to be two but was shocked when I found out that five of them were joining.  I shared my amazement with their support for Ride Away Stigma.  It was great to hear about all the work they do for mental health including educational trainings and supporting awareness events like mine.

I’m really looking forward to having the largest yet, group cycle as we leave Calgary on our way to Bassano!  Calgary, thank you!! What a wonderfully supportive community!!