day 12

Day 12: Rest Day in Canmore!

Having traveled through parts of the west coast that I had not been to before or not knowing anyone, Canmore felt like coming home. I have been there only a couple times but I already have my favourite stops to go visit and know my way around the area. I also felt fortunate that I had enough energy today to do everything I wanted to as most rest days I have just crashed.

While walking around town in the morning to do a few errands I received a call from 660News in Calgary. I was able to do a phone interview with them while sitting on the side of the road starring at the beautiful mountains. No matter where you are in Canmore you have amazing views.

An Australian girl I chatted with suggested that I should check out Grassi Lakes as I was looking to go on a hike. I thought it was going to be beautiful but Wow it was amazing! The colour of the lakes and the view were spectacular. What made the area even better for me was that it is a rock climbing area too. It is probably for the best I didn’t bring my equipment as I would have tried to climb all day!

Of course after the hike I worked up an appetite for my favourite restaurant Communitea! In case anyone was wondering what I ended up choosing was the Pad Thai! It is delicious.

In the afternoon we had to figure out a way to have access to my bike by 6:30am as I needed to be in Calgary for noon to meet with the Chief of Fire and other members of the department. When my mom was chatting with a woman in the community about our dilemma she suggested we talk to the Canmore Fire Department. I thought to myself why did I not think of this before! When I went over there they were wonderful and completely understood my concern of the bikes getting stolen and needing to get to Calgary in time. They generously housed my bikes for the evening. As I meet more and more fire fighters I realize that they really are a part of a big family. It is really wonderful to see and I am so grateful how supportive they are of my campaign. We often hear how much first responders do not talk about PTSD or other mental health issues but I do think that is starting to change. They have all been so open to talking with me and excited by me getting first responders involved.