day 10

Day 10: A well-earned rest day!

I was surprised how much energy I had in the morning since I had hardly slept. I woke up and had a dance party by myself. I was feeling so accomplished and proud of myself I just had to dance. If anyone knows me you then know it led to me having lots of laughs. If you can’t make yourself laugh than how can others make you laugh.

On the drive back to Lake Louise all the big mountain passes and views amazed me. Wow I did this on my bike!

It has always been a dream of my moms to stay at the Fairmont Lake Louise so we decided that we had to do it for the one night. They were so generous with us.  We received a huge discount and many perks and upgrades. Our view was amazing! I thought how can I even leave this room it’s picture perfect. But we did leave to go touring around Banff.

I found myself feeling shy today and just wanting to stay indoors. I used to be a shy person though that is not really how I am in most settings anymore. I was wishing that the logos weren’t on the car so people didn’t notice us. I think I was just feeling burnt out from the day before and feeling insecure that people don’t care about the ride. I reminded myself how sharing my story has impacted others and is an important message to share. On the road, at times having a lot of alone time can be lonely.  I also tend to struggle with my mood after days that are filled with so much excitement and feel a void.

We shared with our waiter at lunch what I was doing and on the way out he handed me money and said every bit counts. I was so taken by his generosity that I ran to the car to get a Ride Away Stigma t-shirt in his size to give to him. It was exactly what I needed that day to remind myself that this campaign matters and people do care.